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We Are Experienced Restaurant.


Our Mission

At Al Zaiqa Resto, our unwavering mission is to be the epitome of culinary excellence in Indonesia. We strive to captivate taste buds with our carefully crafted dishes, sourcing the finest ingredients, embracing traditional flavors with a modern touch, and delivering exceptional dining experiences. With a commitment to sustainability and supporting local communities, we aim to redefine Indonesian gastronomy and leave a lasting impression on every guest who walks through our doors.

  • Delicious Food.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Clean Environment.
  • Expert Chef.
  • Letraset Sheets.
  • Quality Food.

“Welcome our restaurant! Our Restaurant is the best as like delicious food, nutrition food etc in Indonasia”

Mr. Sufyan Ali

CEO &Founder
contect : +62 888-1051-259
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Price - Rp.45.000
Price - Rp.40.000
Price - Rp.40.000
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Chicken White Kharai

Behold the tender elegance of succulent chicken, dressed in pure white perfection, ready to tantalize your taste buds with every savory bite.

Limited Offer
  1. Introducing our exquisite White Chicken - a delicious feast that not only delights the palate but also comes with an irresistible deal that will have you coming back for more

Cooking Experties

Mr. Falak Shar cheef

Senior Chef

Mr. Ashraf

Assistant Chef

Mrs. Miya

Assistant Chef